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Wooden House for Furniture and Decoration was established in 1984 as a specialized company in the field of carpentry and decoration. It was distinguished in manufacturing its products locally providing them to clients in high quality and international measures.

The Wooden House Company was established by a managerial Kuwaiti personnels. Since then, our management has been keen to recruit the specialized employees in the field of manufacturing furniture as well as to equip our factories with the latest in equipments and machines to keep up with the international industry of this field.

Our Goals

Wooden House for Furniture and Decoration believes that every client is a partner in its success. It also believes in enhancing national products. Thus our goals are:

  • Achieving the highest levels of quality in furnishing and decoration.
  • Commitment to diversify our products and searching for what is new and distinctive.
  • Continuously committing to provide after sale services to our clients as well as the necessary maintenance to our products.

Our Mission

In Wooden House, we are proud to manufacture our products Different locally to put your hands high quality according to international standards and criteria in the field of furniture and decoration.

What distinguishes our products that we let the customer the freedom to choose the color and size of the product he needs and that our belief in different tastes and variety of needs.

Dear Customer: We are putting our long experience that spanned since 1984 between your hands for you to choose from our products what suits your taste and meet your desire and quality high for you.

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