FAQ | Wooden House

How much is the closet price?

Starts from 70 KD without doors

How much is the room price?

Starts from 1200 KD for 4 pieces

Where can we buy your products and what are your working hours?

Shuwaikh, Al Humaidi Complex
Working hours: From 10:00 Am to 10:00 PM & Friday from 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Are your products custom-made or just ready?

Our products are custom made, depending on the customer’s needs, with all different suitable sizes.

Do you have Dewaniya s or only bedrooms?

We work on bedrooms, closets, Dewaniya and seating. Moreover, we are specialists at any works is related to the wood.

How much is the Dewaniya?

Starts from 130 KD.

Are you designing the products before contracting?

Yes, on three steps

  • We measure the dimensions by a specialist, and then draw a 2D design. with a fixed cost of 20 KD
  • After that, We will draw a 3D design with 100 KD
  • After signing the contract and agree on the prices, the payments will be divided according to the agreement.

Note: paid costs for measuring the dimensions, 2D and 3D charts are free if the contract is signed

Can I bring my own designs?

Yes you can, we execute the designs that have been chosen by the client.

Can you design and execute a whole house ?

Yes we can.

Do you have delivery out of Kuwait?

Yes we have. You can send us the dimensions, measurements, the models, then we will execute and ship the products, we may install in some of countries.

How much time you will take to finalize the products?

In one month time, after contracting and sign the manufacturing card.

Do you have product warranty?

We give warranty on wood and colors.

Do you have after sale service?

Yes we have.

Which material do you use in manufacturing the products?

The best kind of wood with highly selected standards.

Do you have shifting service for bedrooms and seats from place to another?

Yes we shift bedrooms and seats.

Can I re-paint the furniture pieces or change its color?

Yes you can.

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